Monday, August 30, 2010

My Birthday/Transfers/Rain

For my Birthday. Well of course I'm still a missionary on my birthday, so we worked that day, but it was also the Birthday of my ward mission leader in my last area. So we decided to have a Family Home Evening at their house that night. We had some food and some frozen fruit salad that they made and some ice cream for desert. A member gave me a sweet shoulder bag, and another member gave me a mug with a map of the Philippines on the side of it. It was Great!

Yesterday was transfer announcements and we found out me and my companion are going to stay in the area for another transfer. We went to transfer meeting anyway today. Its always great to see the other missionaries and swap stories with them about what has been happening. I really like my 2nd area, in Las Pinas. Its more city and a lot more people. We have two great Ward Missionaries who are leaving on their missions in about 2 months. My ward is great. My apartment isn't as nice as my first one but its what makes your mission exciting, we killed a Huge Rat in our apartment this last week. They come up through the drain in our bathroom.

It is now rainy season. Just last night we look at the sky and looked at each other and said wow it is really going to start raining! we hurried to our next appointment and it was sprinkling and in a matter of seconds it was Poring! and we were still about 50 yards form out next appointment and we got soaked!

k well i am out of time.... Thanks for everthing!!

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  1. H A P P Y B I R TH D A Y ELDER! :) SEIZE THE DAY and enjoy the beginning of another productive year! We're glad for your successes and know you have great, positive influence with your strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. Most people don't know of HIM-so your GOOD NEWS of HIM is vital. Thanks for your good influence in our lives. We send our love, Aunt Gerta. :)