Sunday, March 21, 2010

My first couple of weeks here in the Philippines has been great!! We were assigned to reopen area of Dasma Bagom Biyen 2nd ward. we are out in the province and so we arent in Manila. We had Two Baptisms two days ago, two younger sisters about 20 years old, Dai Dai and Jobilin, They are great!! We don't really have any progressing investigators yet because we reopened the area, its been closed for quite a while. but this last week we OYM'd over 200 people and we got about 70 return appointments/new investigators.. My companion is Elder Ward he is from Boise Idaho. he has only been here in the Philippines for 7 months now. He's great and we get along really well! And he is way good with the language! The language is still way hard for me but elder Ward has really been helping me so I've been learning a lot faster than I was in the MTC. Do you know how hard his is to explain... You honestly have no idea how much stuff has happened in the last week and a half....... there are 4 elders in my apartment. our showers are buckets and there's no toilet paper. we also have to wash all of our cloths by hand. Seeing the living conditions here for the people of the Philippines is very humbling, Americans honestly live like kings compared to a lot of people here, but its way cool because they are happy!! I can't tell you how many times I've heard Hoy JOE or Hoy Americano by little kids in the last week....

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