Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MTC #2

Well alright. Starting out we had 9 elders and 2 sisters in our district. Sister Horne and Sister Pindeda. Sister Pineda's dad is from the Philippines and so she knows the language pretty well so she took a test and passed and got advanced and she left the MTC 7 weeks early. They didn't want to leave Sister Horne as a solo sister in our sistrict so they transferred her to another district with some sisters in it.

The Elders in the district 2C. Elder Ward is from Boise Idaho and his companion is Elder Riner and he is from Tri Cities Washington. Elder Hardman is from Salt Lake and his companion is Elder Farley from Northern California and is companion is Elder Hale from Ogden. And my two companions, Elder Jones is from Olympia Washington and Elder Buzbee is from Mapleton UT. Elder Daholan loves Volles Wagon Bugs. Elder River cries when he laughs. Elder Buzbee has a band and plays the guitar. Elder Jones plays the french horn. Elder Hale has averaged two packages per day from his family. Elder Farley is way good at learning the language. And Elder Ward likes to fish.

Our district gets along real well, always having fun when we can! We had an arm wrestling tournament with our district which eventually grew to our entire Zone in our residence hall. We go to the temple on Monday morning and Monday is our P-Day. We have firesides on Sunday and on Tuesday nights. L. Tom Perry came and talked to us on our second Tuesday. Our district has two teachers. Brother May and Sister Laythumb. Brother May got back from his mission one year ago and he served in Manila. They both have very strong testimonies. The food is pretty good, but we got the short stide and have dinner at 4:30 so we are starving by breakfast.

Well, I'm out of writing time.
Elder Palmer

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