Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Will Go And Do!

Well I leave on my mission in about 13 hours! Wow its crazy thinking about leaving for two years! I don't know what all I should put on here because I have had so many things going through my head the last couple of days its not even funny! I can't tell you how much influence my friends, family, co-works, and church leaders have played in my life! If it wasn't for them I would not be where I am in life!! And these last couple years have been great with all my friends, I have so many great memories! LOL I can compare the church and life to a great big puzzle! There are so many pieces and your always trying to find the correct places. Sometimes they wont fit, but when you do find one that fits its always the best feeling! And when you finish the puzzle its always Beautiful. The Lord loves Everyone!!! In the scriptures it compares working with the lord like a Yoke of Oxen, if one oxen doesn't push they do not accomplish anything, and there is no better person to be next to you while you are working than the lord! Now is my time to strap up next to the Lord and Spread the Most Perfect Message on Earth! The Church IS True!


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